Affordable 24-7 Condition Monitoring:

The OnSite System is the first product in its class that offers a full condition monitoring solution that is accessible to a broader level of critical assets (e.g., paper machines, pumps, motors, rollers) and not just the super critical assets (e.g., turbines) that are covered by price-prohibitive, traditional/legacy systems. The OnSite System’s costs are in line and complementary to current maintenance programs, and easily justified by the avoided cost of downtime.


Easy to deploy, easy to use, easy to scale

The OnSite System is all about ease and flexibility. One can start out small, deploying a low amount of capex to purchase a 4-point system to cover a machine, and easily scale at any time. Our units can be installed and configured in less than 30 minutes through guest network access, using standard Wi-Fi communication, and eliminating expensive cables. The cloud-based User interphase eliminates local software installation and allows access to data and tools from any local or remote PC, phone, or tablet device via the internet. Two hardware configurations are available depending on use case: encoder-module (no need for power) or stand-alone powered unit (e.g. for pumps).


Complete and easy to use software and dashboards

The OnSite System software is intuitive, easy to use and comprehensive, offering access to raw vibration data as well as to the most critical tools for troubleshooting (RMS trend, FFT, waterfall plots, harmonic locators). Configurable alarms and email and text alerts indicate when a problem is occurring. Easy-to-configure dashboards visualize clearly the health of any machine by area and sub-area.


Situationally aware

Through the inclusion of speed, acceleration, and temperature, the OnSite System not only monitors a machine’s condition, but also takes process control to a new level. High resolution data bursts that combine vibration, speed, and position provide a highly detailed snapshot of your machine. By automatically detecting the machine’s running status (shutdowns, startups, and running changes) correlations can be drawn to vibration signatures as to when a true “change of state” has occurred. Additionally, besides monitoring bearing-related conditions, machine setup and maintenance can be automatically verified.

Enables multiple stakeholders

The visualization software allows maintenance, operations and vibration professionals to meld their insights with data to make prudent and timely decisions about how best to utilize and maintain critical assets. Baseline data and other data markers, that each team member inputs, provide a complete picture of the asset health to the entire team from a central dashboard. Up to 20 seats are included with the SW subscription.

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