PdM Specialists, LLC is continually expanding our service area and client base.  We are searching for a highly-motivated and qualified technician to add to our Portland, Oregon staff.

Position: Senior Level Position / PdM Technician


  • Mechanical Engineer or Technician with at least 10 years of job-related experience
  • Very good mechanical knowledge base with typical plant and building equipment such as compressors, fans, speed increasers and gear reducers
  • Fundamental knowledge of signal processing
  • Enough field experience to be able to investigate and troubleshoot Vibration issues
  • Must have excellent communication and a good working knowledge of computers and Microsoft Office products
  • Experience with other PdM technologies is a plus, i.e., ultrasonic, laser alignment, infrared thermography, and multi-channel acquisition systems
  • Must be at least a Vibration Analyst CAT III (CAT III plus Advanced Level, or CAT IV Preferred )
  • Position requires 25-45% travel outside the urban area, depending on demand

PdM Specialists, LLC is a nationally recognized leader in Predictive Maintenance and we have a superior reputation for accurate analysis of mechanical equipment.

Our client base is very diverse and includes following industries: semi-conductor, textile, pulp and paper, solar, universities, hospitals, food services, and more.

We provide on-going maintenance using route-based services.  We also install remote and on-line monitoring systems.  Additionally, we provide vibration analysis training for our clients who wish to create in-house programs.

Our compensation package includes incentives for contributing to the success of the company.

Job responsibilities:

Successful candidate must be skilled in field data collection, analysis, reporting, troubleshooting, estimating and installations and be willing to train others.  The ability to recognize opportunities for our clients that will benefit equipment reliability is a definite plus.  Additional tasks may involve field balancing and laser alignments, as well as travel and overtime work on occasion.

Successful candidate must possess excellent writing and verbal skills in relation to the technical aspects of this work.  Our clients are important to us and we consider our relationships with them integral to our combined success.

It is critical that the applicant has a strong desire to go above and beyond what is asked and to take pride in our work.

Interested candidates should email cover letter and resume at this link.