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Industry-leading product portfolio of accelerometers and vibration analysis hardware supported by comprehensive warranties and the highest quality of service.


OnSite Condition Monitoring System offers cost effective 24-7 wireless continuous condition monitoring for industrial machines. The OnSite System is a powerful, predictive maintenance system designed to prevent failures before they occur eliminating unscheduled downtimes, reducing the frequency of route based vibration analysis and providing real time analytics and trending of possible machine failures.


Unmatched versatility, reliability and functionality have made the SKF Microlog analyzer series of data collectors the premier choice for portable, handheld condition monitoring units. Designed to help users establish or upgrade an existing condition monitoring programme, the range includes route-based instruments, which work with powerful SKF predictive maintenance software systems, and stand-alone instruments that offer on-the-spot advice and signal analysis capabilities.

ifm electronic

The ifm product range comprises systems for monitoring vibration, oil quality, compressed air and water consumption. Vibration sensors detect damage to rolling element bearings and gears or unbalance in drives and rotating machine parts. Systems for oil quality monitoring assist in the early detection of water and abrasion particles in hydraulic fluids and lubricants to prevent operational disturbances or damage to hydraulic power units, pumps, valves, cylinders and machines.