ODS Testing

odsdrawing 20141120_100229

Operating Deflection Shape analysis is another method we use to troubleshoot “why” and “how” vibration is occurring.  Using ODS we can visualize the movement of an entire machine, or diagnose a structural problem. ODS is a collection of vibration readings in reference to each other. The direction and placement of the sensor is critical in determining how a bearing pedestal may be moving in relation to another bearing etc. The typical results found are structural problems (which are identified) and resonance problems. With a 3D model we can show you the way that your machine is actually moving as it vibrates in order to identify areas where the structure may need more support.


Acceptance Testing

Problems such as new bearings with defects, cracked foundations, and installation problems can affect the health of your machine and cause premature failure even on new machines. Problems like these can be avoided, it is important to get good baseline vibration data as well as detect faults upon startup of critical machines. Knowing the condition of your machine with verified data upon startup can help you avoid premature failure and extend the expected life of your machine. Acceptance testing will help provide quicker return on your capital investment. We provide vibration based acceptance testing as well as sound based acceptance testing.