Real Time Analysis and IIoT

Innovations in sensor manufacturing and computer based data storage have made IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions more affordable than ever before.   The experts of PdM Specialists offer both customizable IIoT integration for a diverse array of industries, and have the predictive maintenance background and experience to accurately calibrate the software analytics to your specific equipment needs.

PdM Specialists represents over 30 years of onsite predictive maintenance experience.  We combine that experience with effective IIoT solutions to ensure accurate monitoring of your machines and equipment.  Even the best sensors and technology will be ineffective without practical knowledge to ensure that they are monitoring the equipment accurately.

With real time analysis, you can get up-to-date analytics and predictive diagnostics on your company’s machines and equipment.  PdM Specialists uses an extensive toolbox of state-of-the art sensors and monitoring technology to create custom predictive maintenance and IIoT solutions. These innovative programs can reliably detect and diagnosis maintenance problems and concerns before they affect production and related downtime costs.

Online Condition Monitoring

Reduce unexpected failures and downtime with continuous monitoring of your machines and equipment.  The experts at PdM Specialists can design an affordable online continuous monitoring system customized to your company’s needs and specifications.

PdM Specialists offers a full range of continuous monitoring components and equipment available through our online retail platform.  Further we can provide setup, installation, and training on the equipment at your facility.

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PdM Success Training

PdM Success is an online training curriculum for continuous monitoring vibration analysis software and program implementation.  These effective online tutorials will provide your employees with step-by-step instruction and guidance to kickstart your company’s continuous monitoring program.

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